On this page you can find links to other sites that you may find useful as well as health leaflets you can download.

If you have any concern about your health then, whilst you may find useful information on internet sites, it is always wise to also obtain individual personal medical advice.

Note that as we have no control over the contents of the sites listed here, and the content may have been changed since we reviewed them, we cannot vouch for the information provided by these sites.


  • NHS Direct – Online and telephone health advice run by the NHS. Tel 0845 4647
  • Fit For Travel – Travel Health Information from the NHS
  • Travel Health – Independent nurse-led travel health website giving practical advice and useful links for staying healthy while travelling abroad
  • BBC Health – General Health Information
  • Patient UK – A directory of UK websites that provide information on health, disease and illness

Health Leaflets

Please click on the links below to download a copy of the leaflet.

Alzheimer’s and Memory Loss

Bowel Cancer

Emergency Contraception Guide

Your Guide to IUD

Your Guide To Long Acting Reversible Contraception

Ovarian Cancer

Contraception After Your Baby

Testicular Cancer

Worried About Your Memory